Study in United Kingdom

Education system of the UK has a high degree of sophistication, a matchless charm, and above all, educational quality that's backed by centuries of tradition. The United Kingdom is just the right place to give your career that global edge. In addition to the hallowed Oxford and Cambridge, UK has a large number of other universities which rank among the best in the world and offer a wide range of courses. One major advantage of UK education is its one-year Masters Degree for almost all courses saving you considerable time and money.

British Education has long attracted and welcomed high calibre students of different nationalities and backgrounds, and today builds on hundreds of years of experience in providing quality education to international students. To ensure that the quality is maintained, Britain has implemented unrivalled quality assurance and academic audit systems. The university departments are obliged to meet stringent standards by professional bodies. Standards are high not just in teaching but in other facilities as well: Libraries, computers, research equipment and living accommodation.

British higher education provides value for money by offering shorter, more intensive courses than are available in many other countries, thereby reducing living expenses and time spent away from home. Closely supervised study in an intellectually and culturally stimulating environment, together with an emphasis on student welfare and close contact between staff and students also ensures that individual students get maximum support and, as a result, pass rates are high and the drop-out rate for international students is very low. With more than 150 institutes of higher education to choose from, all equipped with extensive facilities, UK is able to offer a broad spectrum of subjects from the highly academic to the purely practical in anything from architecture to zoology.

Benefits of studying in the UK:

  1. Still the very best for education in law, sciences, management and humanities.
  2. Has the finest research and teaching facilities.
  3. Students can find affordable housing options, and lots of student hostels and home-stays are available.
  4. A strong Asian community in the major cities in the UK.
  5. A degree from a reputed institution in the UK will enhance your CV.
  6. A number of scholarships are offered by numerous organisations and universities.
  7. Some colleges and universities allow students to work part-time (20 hours per week). But the institutions that are listed on the official UKVI sponsor list and the list of recognized bodies are only allowed to give such liberty to their students.
  8. Meritorious students can progress to a doctoral course and conduct research.