Learn English in India

The English program teaches practical English for social and academic situations as well as for situations relating to work and interviews. Students are given the opportunity to personalize their use of English, which means that we draw on the student's actual personal experiences. We encourage them to talk about their own experiences, ideas, and opinions.

Each year, we help hundreds of people, just like you develop their communicative language skills to achieve professional, academic and social goals. The courses are based on communicative methodology, and each lesson is focused on improving both fluency as well as language accuracy.

Learning is supported by an international course book, dealing with topics related to real life and learners' current language needs.

For young learners, our courses focus on enhancing the confidence and language that they need not only for their studies and social life but for their future careers too.


  • Term one English Course (1 month 350$)
  • Term two English Course (3 month 1000$)
  • Term three English Course (6 months 1800$)


  • Airport pick-up(50$)
  • Hostel admission(1500$)
  • Registration(100$)
  • Language course provisional letter(500$)


  • English Course, Accommodation, Food, Airport pick-up , Registration, Language Course provisional letter 3600$.