Study in Kyrgyzstan.

Studying in Kyrgyzstan gives the student a unique perspective of Asian culture and the rich traditions of ancient cultures, which have remained largely unchanged in this region. After graduation, students will be positioned to help businesses that cater to the needs of Asian countries develop their outreach and marketing programs, with a deeper understanding of Asian traditional culture.

Living expenses in Kyrgyzstan

At Bishkek, living on a student budget is comparatively easier and reasonable than at many other universities. As accommodation costs are fairly low. Moreover, if you stay on campus, you can also save on the transport costs that can be pretty expensive in other cities. Additionally, there are several cost-saving options for students. Some of these options comprise second-hand bookstores, student nights at most Bishkek clubs and NUS discounts at many local shops. Per month Living cost in Bishkek city or in any other area in Kyrgyzstan is around $150-$200 (with quality lifestyle).


The students are given a room with a bed, mattress, blanket and bed-sheet

with furniture. The hostel proffers students with mess system wherein they are fed on food cooked by an Indian cook with Indian spices and contains Indian taste. It includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. And as far as laundry is concerned, it is provided for the students who require, once a week.

Why study medical in Kyrgyzstan?

  • Admission letter in just few days.
  • Economical cost of living.
  • Full settlement package (ticket, insurance, accommadation, airport pick up).
  • No IELTS (Student should be able to read/ understand English).
  • Low tuition fee.
  • Low hostel fee with Indian students.