Study in Ukraine

Ukraine is the second largest country in Europe surrounded by Belarus, Russia, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Moldova and Poland. Ukraine has always been hospitable and friendly, always happy to receive foreign businessmen, foreign guests, tourists and students. The richly talented Ukrainian people have created wonderful architecture, many monuments both secular and religious, dating from 11th to 18th centuries can be seen in all throughout Ukraine towns and cities. Ukraine has a well-developed economy with considerable portions of agricultural and industrial sectors. Space and rocket engineering, aircraft and ship building, high tech equipment production are among the main branches of the Ukrainian industry. Today Ukraine is an internationally oriented center of high technology, with speech technology, micro electronics, chips development, media technology and genetic engineering as out standing examples.

Advantages of studying Medicine in Ukraine:

  1. Ukraine University World ranking is averagely high. Many of their Universities are of high standard with big structures and very qualified teachers. Please make sure you do your proper findings about the University of your Choice before you even apply. We can help you with that information for free if you contact us.
  • Almost all their courses are globally Recognized (MCI, WHO, UNESCO, EUROPEAN COUNCIL).
  • Medicine in Ukraine is quite cheap compared to other parts of Europe. Medicine is one of Ukraine's major strengths.
  • No IELTS. You just need credits in Physics, Chemistry and Biology in your high school result.
  • English Medium.
  • Low tuition fee.
  • Educational System in Ukraine is widely accepted worldwide.
  • There are chances of permanent Residence & settlement in Europe after completion of study program.