Study in Poland

Poland is one of the biggest countries of Europe in terms of population. According to latest international statistics, Polish schools do much better than USA and British schools average. Poland offers a good European education at very low costs and that is why it is getting more popular among international students whose number has already reached 60000. However, apart from the cost advantage, Poland is also hugely popular because of very active job market where young graduates usually easily find entry level jobs and start building their careers in one of the safest, greenest, friendliest of European countries. Many students enjoy their legal part time work permits and since tuition is so low, are able to pay or even make more money than their tuition fees and living costs.

Benefits of Studying in the Poland:

  • Poland is at the confluence of Western and Eastern Europe, and its culture is largely influenced by both regions. International students studying in Poland will enjoy the multi-culture.
  • Studying in Poland will give you a European degree at a low cost.
  • Poland is a European country, yet the living costs are still lower than anywhere else in Europe. International Students will enjoy lower tuition fees and cheaper student life.
  • Poland is a relatively safe country with a low crime rate.
  • You can study in Poland in English because many of the Universities have started teaching in English Medium also.
  • Polish visa is not too difficult if you are able to prove that you have enough finances to pay for your fees and living expenses.