Study in Germany

Germany is the second largest country, according to population, in Europe and located in the center of the continent with as many as nine bordering European countries. The fact that almost ten percent of the 1.8 million international students that study abroad each year choose to study in Germany surely implies that the country offers something out of the ordinary that bring people from all around the world.

While you study in Germany you will enjoy a standard of living that is amongs the highest in the world. This is a result of the successful German industry. The car production industry in Germany is for example one of the world's largest. The financial center of the country, as well as of the entire European Union, is found in Frankfurt, a truly cosmopolitan city with the largest airport in Europe.

Benefits of studying in Germany.

  • Free education in all state-managed public universities.
  • Most of the German Language learning institutions are relatively cheap.
  • All Universities in Germany are fully open for International Students. There is no discrimination at all.
  • You really don't have to study only in the German Language. You can study in German English Universities. Although, you will need to understand some German language to enable you communicate very well, many people in Germany can actually speak English.
  • Universities in Germany ranking cannot be compared to most of the other countries in Europe. A degree from Germany cannot be rejected or underrated by any organization in the world.
  • Students only spend on food, accommodation and travel.
  • Quick access to other countries in Europe.
  • Opportunities to work while studying and post-study work-visa grants.
  • Languages spoken German, Dutch and English. So there is a strong chance for you to learn many languages or at least learn a few.